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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Look Who Showed Up!!

October turned out to be a very eventful month... actually an amazing month. I spent the first two weeks on pins and needles waiting for the birth of my first grandson. It's so cool how God shows up even for the minor things.... I prayed that my daughter, Lenzi would not be "started" into labor (they are very "pro" let's start you today!! in Vegas) she was getting pretty upset.
I also prayed that God would get me through one more week at work, my replacement was so crazy busy & I knew she needed one more week to wrap up her work, so I prayed to finish out the week. I prayed for God's perfect timing in my daughter going into labor, me getting to Vegas in time (and alive!!) and a wonderful delivery.
Our work weeks are four 10 hour days, monday thru thursday. I finished work thursday, went grocery shopping, fixed dinner, ate... got "the call" and headed to Vegas at 8 pm that night!! I drove (fast!!) & arrived in Vegas (in one piece) at 2:00 am. In the meantime, Ben took Lenzi to the hospital. Lenzi was dialated to a 3 and they sent her home to "get further along" & told her that she may go through these pains for a couple of days. (pretty interesting when they were so "pro" let's start you NOW )Ugh.
I watched my daughter go through her labor pains for about an hour (now I know how the "dad's" feel.... helpless! There is nothing you can say or do to help! "Breathe" is about the best anyone can do... =0) She decided to take a bath to see if the labor pains would subside (thinking this may be "false labor") They came stronger. At about 4 am we were off to the hospital. She said she didn't care what they say this time, she was NOT leaving!! ha ha.
When we arrived at the hospital, they immediately checked her to see if they could admit her. She was dialated to an 8!!! They asked her if she was trying to go "natural". She gave them "the LOOK" and they immediately got her an epidural.
After the wonders of modern medicine kicked in, she texted a few people and then it was time to push. She pushed for about 20 minutes and had the most amazing delivery I have ever seen. It was flawless and almost effortless. She was so amazing and I couldn't believe that was my daughter. I was so proud of her. She was so beautiful.

My grandson came into the world with brown hair (all my daughter asked of him in the "looks" dept.!) and a good set of lungs!! I fell in love the second I saw him. I knew I was a gonner... My life would never be the same. I always heard that you love your kids but you LOVE your grandkids... it's true!!

I thanked God for all my blessings & answered prayers... (You always show up when I need you!) He is so kind to me & I don't deserve it. Grace- God's Riches At Christ's Expense. Thank you Lord, Your hand was in every aspect of this birth & I praise You!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Bret!!

Today is Bret's 24th birthday!!! I can't believe how time flies!! Time to celebrate my Bretski!!
He is an amazing artist, he has been asked to draw for other people. He is truly talented. He has drawn all of his own tattoo's (except for one) and they are all very well done.

He has a knack for electronics and anything with a motor!! If I need anything put together or figured out, I call Bret!! He comes to my rescue. When he was a little boy, we seriously considered going to the D.I. for a used toaster and a set of screwdrivers for his 3rd Christmas!! He would get a remote control car and have it torn apart within 24 hours. It was hilarious!! He is very independent and is doing great on his own. He loves to be active by riding his bike, his 4 wheeler, camping, fishing and working hard. I remember when he was just a young lad, he would jump off everything. If it had any kind of incline, he would walk up it and jump off. We had to take him to the dr. because every night he would cry in pain that his "heels" hurt. We found out that his heel plate was separating from his foot due to all his stunts!!! The dr. suggested that he wear cowboy boots to put more pressure on the ball of his foot & take the pressure off his heels. He did not want to wear cowboy boots. Cowboy boots were for weirdo's!! Needless to say, he jumped off the roof onto the grass... it hurt and he got in trouble!! We could not keep him on the ground!! ha ha

He is beautiful!! He was and is such a beautiful boy. We got complimented on him every where we went. He even won "The Most Beautiful Baby" contest when he was 3 months old.

I remember he and Aaron Perry would terrorize the neighborhood. They would sneak off to the train tracks by our neighborhood (so off limits!!) and we would have everyone looking for them, terrified of the worst! Only to see them coming back later, looking at us like... "what?"...

Funny, I still get that look even today... and the occasional, "what?"

Happy Birthday Son!!! I love you tons!!

Love, Mom

Monday, July 13, 2009

Kids say the darn'dest things

I got to spend the holiday weekend with Lenzi, Ben and my grandkids. While they were here in Utah, we made dental appointments for the family since Dr. Nelson is worth driving from Las Vegas to have him do all their dental work. (little plug, but TRUE!!) Going to work was a vacation from my busy weekend, needless to say, I threw on make up and put a barrette in my hair to get me through my MONDAY...
Ben and Lenzi brought Trey to this appointment so early in the morning... He was sitting in our beautiful reception area in between Ben and Lenzi, half awake. I walked in so happy to see them!
He sat there looking at me while I greeted everyone... I was telling him that he could play X-box or the Wii after his appointment down in the kids game room.
He then asks me, "Grandma Cindy, do you have a "Bump it"?
I thought, I don't know if we have a bump it ... is that a game for the Wii?
Ben and Lenzi are laughing so hard they can't breathe.... I don't get it.
After a few ackward moments of me not knowing what he was talking about... Lenzi, in between gasps, said "it's the hair thing on infomercials".
I HAD seen it!! I NOW KNEW what he was talking about... horrified, I looked in the mirror... It wasn't that HIGH!! I saw the small "bang" bump it... MY hair did not go up THAT HIGH!! ha ha!! I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe... I am contiplating cutting my bangs short, never to be pulled back into a barrette again.
Needless to say, all day I randomly would giggle when I thought of the BUMP IT. I am seriously hoping I get one for my birthday (J/K)!! HA HA

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dear Ol' Dad

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Here are a few pictures of us getting together for a late Father's Day celebration. Had a great time getting together and having a fun ol' fashion BBQ.

(pause blog music before you push play!) =0)

Don't judge too quickly

This is so funny!! Don't judge too quickly...